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Zack Jones is a self taught oil painter.  He started his journey in 1999 at the age of 25.  Three years later, while living in Cave Creek, AZ, he met artist Sergio Ladron De Guevara.  Despite the age and cultural differences the two instantly connected and their teacher/pupil relationship began.  Although much of Zack’s knowledge and inspiration comes from Sergio’s 65 years of experience, he soon realized that his passion lies in painting themes that involve a personal connection.  This lead  Zack  back to his hometown of Malvern, Iowa, in 2006.  For the next three years Zack painted local and regional scenes in Southwest Iowa.  During this time he also helped co-found “Old Market Artists” gallery in Downtown Omaha and attended the Corning Fine Arts Residency Program.  Zack currently has paintings in Creighton University’s private collection with increasing patrons and public art.

Zack’s present day studio is a 1873 Presbyterian Church purchased in 2012.  The historic Art Church is evolving into a architectural art piece. The downstairs  is available for overnight guests that get to experience a working artist studio while the upstairs 27 ft ceiling  becomes a full sky scene mural. Art is at the forefront of a revitalization effort in his hometown Malvern, Iowa. Zack is creating a 30x50ft mural in the heart of downtown that highlights the Wabash Nature Trial. He continues to use art as a tool to enrich while highlighting the strengths and encouraging new ideas in rural communities.

11ft gothic windows 27ft ceiling

11ft gothic windows
27ft ceiling